Claudi Casanovas – The book

Ceramics 1975-2015

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The book Claudi Casanovas Ceramics, 1975-2015, goes through forty years’ work of one of the most innovative contemporary ceramic artists today. Internationally recognized, his powerful pieces have always tended to a monumental character, without

losing a very personal insight along the way. Claudi Casanovas (Barcelona, 1956) offers for the first time in this book an anthological perspective that highlights the consistency of his long career: from his very first experimentations with clays and fire, still mesmeric, to the application of unusual elements, such as the grinder saw, the forklift, or the freezing technique, with which he has taken creative ceramics to unsuspected extremes.


In this itinerary, Casanovas pays special attention to a score of relevant collections that he has produced from 1988, when he began to work with clay as a fired rock. The artist establishes a connection with an inherited tradition, setting aside the conflict between arts and crafts, especially through the memory of his grandfathers, the sculptor Enric Casanovas and the Japanese lacquer master Ramon Sarsanedas.


At the same time, he links with the ancestral sources that have inspired the main ceramic innovative artists, from Hans Coper and Lucie Rie, to Peter Voulkos and Bernard Dejonghe. The result is a suggestive book in which the artist invites the reader to his studio, and shares the fascination for the world of ceramics.